2014 JOTY Winner

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Congratulations to Jeff “TREX” 2014 JOTY Winner!

Jeff was our June 2014 JOTM Winner!


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December 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Josh “Jeepfeste” for December 2014 JOTM Winner!

This pic was taken at Hot Springs, AR during the Fall Veteran’s Day trip with the club. I have to give credit to Bob (offcamber) Lionel for taking this great picture of my 1999 Wrangler TJ as I crawled up near the top of Sesame Street. Would also like to thank JeepinJason and his wife for guiding us through the many miles of trails on Saturday. At the top of that hill, my wife Rashea, mentioned to me that I was making those trails/climbs look easy. After looking at the pics like this one, I have a new appreciation for the amount of flex my 6″ Full-traction long-arm suspension provides to keep my 35″ M/T tires and 5 spd manual power on the ground to hold a line I choose. Hopefully my latest upgrade will let me climb up Bailey’s Boulders with ease next time out. Happy Trails everyone!


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November 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Nic “Bulletproof6″ for November 2014 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken at Bridgeport OHV park going up the steps at the twins.* I’ve got to give a gracious shout out to Kosmos for capturing my flying jeep in this picture.* Although we had a great overall day jeeping with dacjeep and Kosmos, the most memorable part was finding a long missing wallet on the way out.


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October 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Kevin “Hondo” for October 2014 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken during the shake down run after the stretch of the jeep at Arbuckle Off-road Park. I got to the bottom of the hole and the lockers were not working. I did not want to back out so I picked a line and when in doubt throttle out.


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September 2014 JOTM Winner!

September 5th, 2014 Comments off

Congratulations to Lane “Mac&Daddy” for September 2014 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken on the first switch back on Black Bear Pass overlooking Telluride, CO. McClaine (Mac) gets the credit for this picture. I didn’t even know she took it until we got down to the bottom. The Jeep is her/our 2000 TJ. It has a 4″ short arm Skyjacker, 35″ Micky Thompsons, 4.88′s w/Spartan in the front, home built front and rear bumpers, Smittybilt XRC winch, Rusty’s Off Road tube fenders.

Sept2014JOTM Winner

Sept2014JOTM Winner

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August 2014 JOTM Winner!

August 5th, 2014 Comments off

Congratulations to Ronnie “Fishnchips” for August 2014 JOTM Winner!

This was taken in the falls on Imogene pass in Colorado. Kim would not go up with me, said she would stay down and take some pictures of me going across. 86 cj7 sprung over, 4:11 gears, ARB’s front and rear, dana 30 up front, amc 20 rear, 37′s, four speed trans, 4 to 1 gear reduction, four wheel disc brakes with electric line lock, 258 six cyl.


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July 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Rick “Hardtimes” for JOTM Winner!

This pic was taken on Greg’s Rock by Al “wushaw” on our club run to Superlift in Hot Springs back in May 2014.

Just a little more than your average mall crawler. This Jeep is almost old enough for antique tags. It is a 93 Wrangler with full width Dana 44 front and 60 rear. Custom built 3 link front and 4 link rear with 16″ King Coilovers and air shocks by CK Customs. A few other mods include a 104″WB, Atlas 4.1, 10000# Warrior winch, RCV axles, PSC assist steering and a cool little saddle stirrup on the right side to help Brenda get in.


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June 2014 JOTM Winner!

June 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Congratulations to Jeff “TREX” June 2014 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken at Eater Jeep Safari 2014. Mudd Diva took this picture as I came over Easter Egg Hill on Flat Iron Mesa trail in Moab, UT. The Jeep is a 2003 TJ Rubicon with a 2″ Teraflex suspension lift, 1.25″ body lift and 33″ Goodyear MTR tire. Thanks to all that Voted.

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May 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Bryan “Stickerhead” for May 2014 JOTM Winner!

The picture was taken March 2013 at Clayton on Wet -n-Wild / Green Mamba. A small group of us consisting of myself, Redneck Ron, CJ8Larry, James “Nvr Dun” Foster and Pops57. This was my first trip to Clayton and I am ready to go back. I see why everyone said “trail damage will occur!” Our small group broke a rear axle UCA bracket, a front upper UCA bracket, one rear shock and a power steering pump. I think we got out unscathed! Best part of the trip was watching James Foster “turtle on Cake Walk.” Sorry James, couldn’t resist.
My jeep is a 97′ TJ with four squirrels under the hood, Dana 44′s with 5.38 gears, chrome moly shafts, ,hydro-assist steering, ARB locker front, Detroit rear, 37″ Irocs with a bunch of body armor and overweight. I have owned this jeep since it was new so all the abuse has been done by me!


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April 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Tim “Bounty” for April 2014 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken in Bridgeport at the Screamin’ Lizard winter shakedown run. This particular area is what’s left of the access road that used to be the easiest way to go around the twins. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the top, and I did have to get winched, my steering box skid was hung up on a ledge. The Jeep was in a precarious spot at this time, very tippy, we used a winch line on the rock slider from the side, and one line to the top. The Jeep pulling me to the side suffered a broken driveshaft while trying to drag my Jeep sideways. Thanks to Ty (tmorton) for taking the picture, Rob (RAWRR) for the anchor point at the top, Brian (mmmmbeer) for the sideways winch, anyone else who helped with the recovery, and thanks to everyone that voted for me. The Jeep is a 2005 Rubicon on 33″ MTR’s, lots of armor including Genright flares, Teraflex belly up skid, and most recently an Under Cover Fabworks aluminum front bumper.


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