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August 2010 JOTM Winner!!! GLENN!!!

July 31st, 2010 Comments off

The picture was taken in the Black Hills near Rapid City SD. The trail is a 5+, 5 miles of obstacles, named HalJohns. The jeep was very stuck and took some serious winching to get it off.

Red 1985 CJ7 Currently has LT1/700R4/Atlas on 42′s

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July 2010 JOTM Winner UP4ROX!!

July 7th, 2010 Comments off

July 2010 JOTM Winner

The photo was taken this winter during one of the many snow storms we got. The photo has been photoshopped a little. All the color but red was taken out with a slight darking of the outside edges of the photo. Foot prints and a sewer cap were also removed. The photo was shot with a little point and shoot camera.

The Jeep is an 04 Rubicon with 3″ suspension lift combined with a 2″ body lift. It is your basic LSJC TJ package. Sheryl and I have been to Moab twice, Colorado once, and a couple times to Hot Springs with the club along with the local legal places.

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